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Graphic Design

From vision to print, our design team uses their broad imagination and creativity to develop original marketing materials for our clients. Unlike other design firms using file checkers, our team takes a more personal approach by meeting and working closely with our clients to get a full understanding of the message and feelings they would like their material to reflect.

In addition to helping you design your brand and marketing materials, we will also consult with you to make sure that the money you are investing is being used effectively and efficiently. We will give you the best possible options and directions to help guide your business to meet your future goals.

We design everything including but not limited to:

Logo Design

Business Cards




Vehicle Graphics

Email Newsletter




Door Hangers




Tent Cards



Wedding Invitations

Window Graphics

Online Ads

Web Banners

Pocket Folders

CD Labels

Window Cling

Greeting Cards


PDF Documents

Email Campaigns

Store Signs

All Real Estate Products

Logo Design

Having an effective logo is not only the key element to your business and to the branding of your company, it could also may mean the difference between establishing customer support in the use of your product/service or not.

Our design team will work hard to bring your message to life in a vivid, effective, and creative way. From simple minimalistic designs, to more complex 3D logos, we can cater to all of your needs.

Your logo is almost always the initial contact of any company or brand. Let Media Arts bring your vision to life!


Having a great logo is one thing, but having a great brand is another. Help your brand become a recognized icon by tailoring all aspects of your company to reflect the structure of your design.

Branding has multiple touch points, these range from  logo, advertising, stationary, packaging, even training employees and customer service. Using fundamentals of custom design in a fluid motion from each aspect of these touch points helps make your brand forever recognizable!

Our design team is trained in all aspects of corporate branding including but not limited to typography, colour theory and communication.  We take the appropriate steps to reflect your business into every aspect of it’s brand to make sure it never goes unnoticed.

Web Design + Development

We specialize in creating simple, yet elegant web solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations. If you are an entrepreneur with a product/service to sell and want to reach online channels, our professional websites are perfect for the job. Reach out to us and tell us about your web project and let us supercharge your vision into a reality

  • Custom Websites
  • Design Website Redesign
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • ECommerce Websites
  • Custom Programming
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframing

Product Package Design

Product package design plays major roles in the marketing mix. It is a great medium in promotional campaigns. Bright, vibrant, and attractive designs draw people towards products. Co-Existing with brand identity and shelf impact in all product groups, Media Arts have the trained design skill set and vision for what works best.

Like all other aspects of our design services, we sit down and take your product to heart, treat it as our own, help nourish it with not only design fundamentals but also breath our own creativity into it. From product to product packaging we develop the right design for you.

Social Media Design & Marketing

Let’s face it, whether you use it or not, Social Media is a huge marketing tool in this day and age. This is a great outlet to get your products and services noticed by potential customers with minimal costs involved, generating great exposure and leads. As time has progressed so has the way we reach our customer base. In today’s tech driven world, these tools in your marketing campaign are essential.

Our designers have helped businesses increase their favorability on various social media platforms by developing vibrant designs, clear messages and engaging posts. We are able to bring conscious design factors mixed with the marketability of a product and grasp audiences’ attention more profoundly than ever before.

Our designers develop attractive ads and posts that draw your target audiences to your page. We formally consult and work closely with you, find out your exact needs and deliver results based on the project goals in a realistic and timely manner.

Facebook Company Branded Banners

Facebook Company Branded Pictures

Facebook Company Account management to increase popularity

Facebook Engaging posts including writing and design

Instagram Picture Post Designs

Instagram engagement

Instagram Account Management to increase popularity

Instagram Call to action posts

Twitter Picture designs

Twitter Account Management to increase popularity

Twitter Engaging Posts

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